2015 Kickstarter Sessions


Welcome to 2015!

I hope you had a lovely time celebrating the holidays and relaxing with your loved ones.

I had a beautiful break; lots of relaxing, beaching, family and friends time and many afternoon naps. I also got back into surfing regularly, which has been so much fun! I’m very far from winning any surfing awards, but there is just something so magical about being in the ocean.

How was your 2014?

For me, the second half of 2014 was all about letting go; of people, commitments and things that no longer serve me.

Now, whilst the letting go process can be messy, uncomfortable and confronting, it is also incredibly liberating and exciting.

By letting go, we create space for something new, something more aligned with who we want to be, where we want to go and what we want to do. Something bigger. Something better.

This might come in the form of a new relationship or friendship, a new job, more clients, a pay rise, travel opportunities, education opportunities or new hobbies, even free stuff! It could be anything, but unless we make the space for it, it can’t show up.

The start of a new year holds an incredible energy for clarifying what you want for the next 12 months, and setting powerful intentions around that. You know what you want to leave behind from the past year, but do you know how to leave it behind? How to not let it cling on and haunt your efforts for 2015? Do you know what it is you want to create this year? Do you know how to build it? Or maybe you know exactly what you want, but for some reason you just can’t seem to get started on it.

Well, never fear, gorgeous! I have the solution.

For the next 3 weeks only, I am offering the “2015 Kickstarter Sessions” – targeted, focused and powerful, one-on-one, butt kicking, heart opening, and soul driven mentoring to get you set up for your best year ever.

Over 2 x 60minute sessions you will:

  • Release the shit you’ve built up and held onto from 2014
  • Take the lessons and gifts of 2014, and use them to catapult yourself forward faster than a Jamaican at the Olympics
  • Get crystal clear on what you want to create in 2015 – no matter how big or small – and leave knowing exactly what to do each day, week and month to make it happen
  • Schedule your year to ensure your highest priority activities (anyone say holidays?)actually happen
  • Ignite your energy and excitement; for yourself, for your life and for your future
  • Eliminate the excess; streamline your life and stop wasting your time, energy and money.

The 2015 Kickstarter is perfect for you if you;

  • Have never experienced coaching before, and want to know what all the fuss is about
  • Have previously had coaching, but complacency and busy-ness has slowed down your progress, or halted it completely
  • Can’t quite muster up the motivation or commitment to get started on that idea, or project, that has been brewing away inside you
  • Are sick of saying “I can’t”, “If only” or “I’ve always wanted to….”
  • Don’t want your fear, doubt and worry keep you from happiness, success and love any longer
  • Want to start saying YES to life. To your life. Right now.
  • Are ready to play a bigger game in 2015

Want in?

Simply send an email with “Hell yeah I do!” in the subject line and we’ll get you set up.

Need to Know:

  • Investment Total: $350
  • Session Location: Anywhere you are! All sessions are held via phone or Skype
  • Session Times: weekday mornings, midday and evenings and weekends
  • Session Payment: Due in advance via direct debit transfer
  • **Limited slots available**

All sessions must be booked, paid for and completed in January 2015

This offer is only available for January 2015. I am heading overseas in February and once I go, this opportunity goes with me, so hit reply now and let’s do this!

Wishing you an incredible 2015

With Love,

Brooke xx

**This is a rapid fire approach to get your year underway powerfully and quickly, so please only apply if you are willing, ready and able**

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