We Live In Moments


Today I want to share an idea with you that my first coach taught me.

We live in moments

How often have you written off a whole entire day, week, month, or even year, because you’ve acted in some way that isn’t in alignment with where you want to be?

Maybe you ate something off your plan, and so you thought I’ll start again tomorrow, or on Monday.

Maybe you’ve been procrastinating on a project all morning, so you take the afternoon off work, and spend the whole time playing on Facebook, or catching up on personal admin.

Maybe you woke up in a bad mood, or something happened early in your day that put you in a bad mood, so you decide to let it ruin your whole day, and you proceed to be an absolute bitch, or negative nelly, to anyone and anything you come across. You waste your whole day, then go to bed, hoping that when you wake up tomorrow things will be different.

We’ve all been there. Me, more often than I’d like to admit.

We have this idea that our life is made up of hours, days, weeks, months or years, so when something happens we don’t like, we unconsciously decide that one thing has to affect us for that entire time period.

We’ve got it so wrong

We live in moments. Not hours. Not days. Not longer. Moments. Your life is made up of these tiny moments, one after the other, and they are what forms the shape of your hour, your day, your week, month and year. Your lifetime.

Understanding that you live in moments, gives you freedom and immense power. No matter what happens, in the very next moment, you can choose a different scenario. If this moment is shitty, change something, anything, so your next moment is better. Made a poor decision? No problem. Simply choose something different, right now. Acted in a way you aren’t proud of? Act differently in the next moment.

With immense power, comes immense responsibility

Knowing that you live in moments enables you to constantly improve your reality, but it all comes down to choice. It’s recognising you have the power to choose. It’s taking full responsibility for your experience. It’s deciding to not wallow in a poor decision, that either you made, or that was made for you. It’s deciding to always choose something better.

You can choose to allow one moment to dictate the next, and the next and the next. You can allow one moment to mean a shitty day, week, month or year. Or you can choose to turn that around. Right now. In this moment. 

We live in moments

What will you choose?