Why your quick fix will never work

I’m sure you’ve been there many times; you’re frustrated with your ability to lose weight and you want results NOW – well, actually, yesterday, but you’ll settle for now.

Then someone comes across your path – maybe you bump into them, or you see something pop up on the internet or Facebook, or you see it on TV. It’s someone who’s recently lost a tonne of weight by following some new plan or program, or by taking some new supplement, or shake. And it’s only taken them the tiniest amount of time to do it.

“That’s it!” you say, and you feel the excitement start to build. “That’s the thing that’s going to get me where I want to go. It’s going to finally help me shed this excess weight and give me the body I want!”

The possibilities are running through your mind – everything that you’ve been putting off, is now so close.

You can’t wait to get your hands on that plan or product and get into it. You whip out your wallet, purchase it online and wait impatiently for the day it is delivered into your anxious little hands.

Then, finally, it arrives, and you dive straight in, vowing to do it perfectly, and excited to start seeing your results. You don’t have to wait too long – things are starting to shift and you’re feeling really good – if it keeps going like this, you’ll be where you want to be in no time at all!

“Yes!” you think to yourself. “Finally! I’m so happy!”

But fast forward a few weeks or months, or even years, and you’re back where you started from, maybe even worse off. One more failure to add to your already sizeable collection

You know why too – it’s because you lack willpower, commitment and motivation….. Or is it?

Maybe there’s some other thing at play here. Maybe it’s not that there is something wrong with you…..



Brooke x

Why you haven’t gotten what you want yet

Have you ever wanted something so bad, you can taste it, you can see it, you can feeeeeeel it. You set about going about making it happen – you tell others, maybe make some enquiries, google a few things, take some action….. but for some reason, you just haven’t gotten what you want yet.

And it’s driving you crazy! You don’t understand, I mean, what else can you do? Why hasn’t it happened already? Why is it so hard for you? Why does it feel like you take 3 steps forward, and 5 steps back. Why does everyone else seem to have it so easy?

It’s enough to make you give it all up and go back to your not-so-fulfilling, same-old-same-old life BD (before your dream).

But, before you do that, promise me you’ll watch this video. PROMISE?? It’ll give some powerful insight into why this is happening, AND what you can do about it. Understand and follow these principles and I guarantee things will shift for you. Yep. Guarantee.

Click below to check it out. You promised 🙂

You’ve been set you up to fail

Have you ever wondered why, with all the weight loss programs, exercise plans, diets and quick fixes available, we still struggle with our weight and our bodies?

We either can’t lose our excess weight, or we can’t keep it off once we have lost. We can’t stick to our meal plans, or, if we do, we end up binge eating late at night. Or hiding in the closet. Or the car, so no one will see how disgusting we are.

Maybe you’re not carrying excess weight. Maybe you’re one of those women with an enviable figure, but you just can’t get on top of your eating. And no one would understand because they all think you look amazing, and so you must be perfect with your food, but it’s killing you because you cannot stop and you hate yourself for being such a glutton, and so weak.

Don’t you think, with all the programs that are available, if any of them actually worked, long term, there would be no need for any new programs? If just one of them worked, there’d be no others, because everyone would just be doing the one that worked. And yet you keep going back, hoping the next one will be different. That you’ll be different.

These conventional plans don’t and can’t work long term, because they miss the most vital piece.

The piece that determines whether you will succeed at your goal, or whether you fail. And with this piece missing, you are guaranteed to fail, to repeat the same patterns, over and over and over. 

You lack an understanding of how your unconscious mind works, and how it’s your limiting beliefs, decisions and negative emotional ties to the past that are tripping you up, and will continue to trip you up. These babies run the show. YOUR show.

You are missing the knowledge of how these, and your current life choices, negatively affect your body’s physiology, chemistry, hormones, digestive system, immune system and your metabolism.

You don’t fully understand how stress and the hectic, crazy, too-busy life you are living shuts down your metabolism, and all the major systems of your body, making it near impossible to lose any weight.

You are completely disconnected from your body, missing the many signals she is giving you every moment of what she needs to come back into balance, to full, vibrant health. You think she is something you can beat into submission, that she must do everything you say, but she’s just not going along with your demands (and she’s never going to whilst you treat her like this).

You mistakenly think, in order to have what you want, you have to deprive, restrict and punish yourself, not realising that all these guarantee your weight loss failure.

You are so confused, overwhelmed and worn out, you don’t know what’s good for you any more, and you have no idea of what you need, or what you need to do.

I get it. I’ve been there and it sucks. It’s a mine field of misinformation, conflicting opinions and incomplete programs. One expert says one thing. Another directly contradicts them. And yet another directly contradicts both of them. It’s enough to make you throw your hands on the air and say “F**k it. I give up. It’s too hard” and settle in for a life of sub-par health, happiness and vitality.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Imagine actually understanding your body, how she works, how she speaks to you, what she needs to come back into balance.

Imagine being able to give her all of that, easily, and feeling amazing because you are looking after her, looking after yourself, nourishing yourself, loving yourself, appreciating yourself.

Imagine not having to follow a rigid diet plan, or count calories, as you intrinsically know how foods affect you, and therefore you easily make the right food choices.

Imagine not having to listen to any experts, because you are connected to the expert that lives within you.

Imagine actually knowing how to nourish yourself, how to give yourself pleasure, and how to feed your body, your heart and your soul.

Imagine knowing how to eat in a way that boosts your metabolism and ignites your digestive fire.

Imagine finally being free of this fight – the constant war between you, your body, your mind and your food.


This is possible. I’ve done it. I’ve seen it with my clients. I want it for you.


If you’re ready for this new journey, for a new way of relating with your body, your food and your life, check out my upcoming program BodyBliss. We go into this, and so much more!


Brooke xo