You cannot go out into the world and create the impact you want to create whilst your energy, your time and your resources are caught up in body shame, body hatred and self doubt.

You know you are meant for more. You have big dreams, desires, visions and plans ~ you can see them, taste them and feel them ~ but you’ve been unable to take action on them. You’ve put them hold, waiting for the when; when you lose the weight, when you get your eating under control, when you smooth your cellulite, and flatten your belly, when you fit back into your jeans from 1987.

But this day never comes.

You keep battling and striving for an idea of body perfection that doesn’t exist, and so you fail and fall short over and over again. And you know why too – it’s because you lack willpower. Because you are weak. Because you don’t deserve those beautiful things. So you beat yourself up some more, you criticise and judge yourself. You further restrict and punish yourself – if you are just a little bit stronger, just a little bit better, if you just try a little bit harder, maybe you’ll get there. But you never do.

How much longer will you keep pushing that shit up-hill, my dear? How much longer will you keep hitting your head against that wall?

What you are doing isn’t working, and it’s never going to work.

Isn’t it time you took a different approach?

You cannot embark on a journey of self hate, criticism and punishment and expect to arrive at a destination of self love and appreciation.

It’s time to gain a deeper understanding of what your food and body issues are trying to tell you. To learn what those unconscious drivers are that determine every single decision you make and every action you take, and to finally let them go. It’s time to stopping waiting on the when and start living your life now. It’s time to deal with the actual issue, rather than trying to solve the symptom of your extra weight, or your uncontrolled eating. It’s time to learn how to nourish yourself, so you can let go of your food and body issues once and for all.

This is for the woman who

  • is ready to finally be free
  • is tired of the fight, the struggle and the force
  • is not willing to put her life on hold any longer
  • has tried everything and failed, again and again, but is willing to get back up, one more time
  • is ready, willing and open to taking a different approach, and to trusting the process
  • is courageous and brave, even though she feels scared and uncertain at times
  • recognises she can’t do it alone, and is ready to accept guidance and support
  • wants to reconnect with her worth and the value she brings
  • wants a different relationship with her body, based on love, appreciation and respect
  • is ready to embrace, embody and express her unique beauty, power and potential
  • wants to deeply understand her body, and to hear the subtle messages from within
  • wants to learn how to fully nourish, support, feed and move herself
  • is open to things “woo woo” – things that cannot be explained in words, but which need to be felt through experience
  • wants a tribe of powerful, alive, tuned in women to support her on her new journey

You want more.

More connection. More freedom. More expression.

You want to be able to stand in front of anyone, naked, raw, open – whether in reality or metaphorically – and not shrink back in shame or self doubt

You want to come alive

If you’re ready to be free, to stop playing small and fully step up and into the woman you were born to be, if you’re ready to come alive, let’s connect to find out how I can best serve you.