Can A Leopard Really Change His Spots?

Recently I underwent a belief change on an idea I’d carried for as long as I can remember, and let me tell you, it was a BIG one!
I’d actually made this belief my life purpose, the sole reason I was put on this earth and the singular point of my whole existence. Whoa.

And I changed it in a matter of minutes.

When I tell people this, they look like their head is going to explode. They just cannot comprehend it. I mean, you can’t just change who you are and what you believe that quickly and easily, right??

How many times have you heard, or said, “People don’t change”? The reality is, we humans have an incredible capacity for change. We are all changing, all the time and when you are willing to examine yourself, you can be in total control of this change. You can choose when, where and how easily, this change can occur.

All the beliefs you currently have are the result of a decision you made somewhere along the line, either consciously or unconsciously. In that moment, you tethered yourself to that idea and it has driven a part of your life (if not your whole life!) since then.

This decision may have been made when you had a much more limited view, and with less information or awareness that you have now, so it may not have been the most intelligent decision.
However, knowing that it was just a simple choice you made, you can simply choose to believe something else. Right now. Easy.

Look at your current belief and ask yourself:

  • Where did this belief come from?
  • Is it something I feel strongly about, or is it something I’ve just picked up along the way, without actually considering what it means?
  • Does it serve me?
  • Do I actually agree with it?

If it is something you agree with, and it serves you, great! If not, it’s time to choose. Woohoo! What do you choose to believe instead? What do you want to live your life by?

Choose something that resonates with you. That makes you feel expansive, rather than contracted . Choose something that opens up the world for you, that gives you infinite possibilities and opportunities. That excites you.

When I asked myself these questions, I realised it wasn’t my belief at all. I was just buying into a commonly held societal belief, when in reality, I actually believed the exact opposite.
When I understood this, it was easy for me to just drop it, instantly.
“This isn’t my stuff! I’m going to stop living my life by your limited views and opinions, and I choose to live my life by my own decisions, on my own terms.”

In that instant, my world opened up like I’d never have imagined! All of a sudden I saw possibility and opportunity, where previously I’d seen limitations, and I am so FREAKEN EXCITED!

So, I challenge you, question everything. Start excavating your life. Go deep.
See where you have been limiting yourself. And then change it.



The world literally IS your oyster.

If you want to go deeper into understanding and mastering your own thought patterns and beliefs, contact me to find out how I can help.

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