Ultimate Green Smoothie Recipe

Green smoothies are awesome for health and weight loss as they are a quick way to get in extra vegetables, and therefore nutrients, they’re filling and they make for a fast, healthy meal when you don’t have time to eat, if you struggle with breakfast, or if, like me, it’s too hot to eat something but you want to nourish your body the best way you can.

Plus, look how green it is! It has to be good for you, right?

There’s really no rules when it comes to green smoothies – if you don’t like something I’ve used, substitute something else. The quantities are only rough quantities – I just go with whatever I’ve got on hand. You can use anything, but keep it vegetable heavy and only a small amount of fruit. I love to add in lots of mint and extra lime, so it’s kinda like a Mojito… (I said kinda!)

Don’t freak out on the avocado if you haven’t done it in a smoothie before – there’s no taste, it makes a lovely creamy consistency and the good fats keep you fuller for longer. Oh, and did you know that one of the symptoms of a deficiency of fat in the diet is weight gain and/or the inability to lose weight?!? Pass me the avocado!



1-2C Filtered Water (depending how thick you like it)
1 Lebanese cucumber
2 stalks celery
1/2 pear (or apple or kiwi)*
1/2 banana*
1 lemon or lime, peeled
Big handful tuscan kale (cavolo nero)
Big handful baby spinach
Handful mint
Handful parsley
Chunk of fresh ginger
Chunk of fresh turmeric
1 tsp Chlorella or Spirulina
1 Tbsp chia seeds
1/4 avocado
Optional – vanilla rice or hemp protein powder
Handful of ice
* If this is your first time in the green smoothie arena, you’ll want to use 1 whole banana and 1 whole pear initially, and then reduce down to 1/2 of each
Blend and drink!
This makes quite a large portion, so if you can’t get through it in one go, it makes for an awesome afternoon snack.

What If You Were Enough?

Enough (1)

One of the common threads I see in all the women I work with (and, in fact, in nearly all the women I come into contact with in general) is the underlying belief that they are “not good enough”.

This nasty little core belief can have far reaching consequences in all areas of their life; it fires off when they are getting near their goal weight and causes them to binge eat, not exercise, or make some other decision that will stall, or reverse the results they’ve achieved so far.

It speaks up when their relationship is going “too well” with an amazing man and makes them pick fights, shut down, withhold sex, or do something even more drastic to create a breakdown in the relationship, such as sleeping with someone else.

When their career, or business, is going amazingly they make some silly decisions that impact great opportunities; maybe they fail to prepare for an important meeting or interview, and consequently blow it, or they become lazy and fail to take action when necessary.

When we come from a place of “not enough” we are going to display self sabotaging behaviours.

We don’t back ourselves. We don’t ask for what we need. We doubt other’s intentions. We doubt our own abilities. We don’t go for the things we want. We live in fear and doubt and wear ourselves out trying to prove ourselves.

It takes work to change your beliefs.

Your beliefs live in your unconscious mind, and so to successfully and permanently change them, you need to do work on the unconscious level. For this, you generally need to work with someone trained in that area. But there is something you can do for yourself, starting right now.

What if you were enough?

Ask yourself, “What if I were enough? Who would I be then? How would I behave? What decisions would I make? How would my life be different?”

Dig deep and answer these questions from your heart – from that place inside of you that’s always known you are enough, even if you don’t seem to remember – and then start to act AS that person. Make decisions as that person who knows she’s enough. Be courageous. Speak up. Ask for what you want and go after it. Relentlessly.

You’ve got this.


Brooke xo

You’ve been set you up to fail

Have you ever wondered why, with all the weight loss programs, exercise plans, diets and quick fixes available, we still struggle with our weight and our bodies?

We either can’t lose our excess weight, or we can’t keep it off once we have lost. We can’t stick to our meal plans, or, if we do, we end up binge eating late at night. Or hiding in the closet. Or the car, so no one will see how disgusting we are.

Maybe you’re not carrying excess weight. Maybe you’re one of those women with an enviable figure, but you just can’t get on top of your eating. And no one would understand because they all think you look amazing, and so you must be perfect with your food, but it’s killing you because you cannot stop and you hate yourself for being such a glutton, and so weak.

Don’t you think, with all the programs that are available, if any of them actually worked, long term, there would be no need for any new programs? If just one of them worked, there’d be no others, because everyone would just be doing the one that worked. And yet you keep going back, hoping the next one will be different. That you’ll be different.

These conventional plans don’t and can’t work long term, because they miss the most vital piece.

The piece that determines whether you will succeed at your goal, or whether you fail. And with this piece missing, you are guaranteed to fail, to repeat the same patterns, over and over and over. 

You lack an understanding of how your unconscious mind works, and how it’s your limiting beliefs, decisions and negative emotional ties to the past that are tripping you up, and will continue to trip you up. These babies run the show. YOUR show.

You are missing the knowledge of how these, and your current life choices, negatively affect your body’s physiology, chemistry, hormones, digestive system, immune system and your metabolism.

You don’t fully understand how stress and the hectic, crazy, too-busy life you are living shuts down your metabolism, and all the major systems of your body, making it near impossible to lose any weight.

You are completely disconnected from your body, missing the many signals she is giving you every moment of what she needs to come back into balance, to full, vibrant health. You think she is something you can beat into submission, that she must do everything you say, but she’s just not going along with your demands (and she’s never going to whilst you treat her like this).

You mistakenly think, in order to have what you want, you have to deprive, restrict and punish yourself, not realising that all these guarantee your weight loss failure.

You are so confused, overwhelmed and worn out, you don’t know what’s good for you any more, and you have no idea of what you need, or what you need to do.

I get it. I’ve been there and it sucks. It’s a mine field of misinformation, conflicting opinions and incomplete programs. One expert says one thing. Another directly contradicts them. And yet another directly contradicts both of them. It’s enough to make you throw your hands on the air and say “F**k it. I give up. It’s too hard” and settle in for a life of sub-par health, happiness and vitality.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Imagine actually understanding your body, how she works, how she speaks to you, what she needs to come back into balance.

Imagine being able to give her all of that, easily, and feeling amazing because you are looking after her, looking after yourself, nourishing yourself, loving yourself, appreciating yourself.

Imagine not having to follow a rigid diet plan, or count calories, as you intrinsically know how foods affect you, and therefore you easily make the right food choices.

Imagine not having to listen to any experts, because you are connected to the expert that lives within you.

Imagine actually knowing how to nourish yourself, how to give yourself pleasure, and how to feed your body, your heart and your soul.

Imagine knowing how to eat in a way that boosts your metabolism and ignites your digestive fire.

Imagine finally being free of this fight – the constant war between you, your body, your mind and your food.


This is possible. I’ve done it. I’ve seen it with my clients. I want it for you.


If you’re ready for this new journey, for a new way of relating with your body, your food and your life, check out my upcoming program BodyBliss. We go into this, and so much more!


Brooke xo


Raining Outside? Time to Turn in


I love cold, rainy days ~ they’re the perfect opportunity to slow down and turn inwards. To rest, reflect, reset.

Here in Sydney we are in the final days of autumn, and autumn itself is the season for slowing down (wanna know more? Pop on over here), but no matter what season you are in, a rainy day provides the perfect space to rest.

Life is busy. Life is fast. Life is constantly asking something ~ many things ~ of you. It’s not always easy to separate from that. But Mother Nature has your back. The sun cannot shine all the time (no matter how much we’d like it to), and neither can we.

So, now the rain is out, I’m turning in. Things that can be put off are put off. I’m reading. I’m writing. I’m drinking tea ~ lots and lots of tea. I’m running a bath, and I’ll soak by candlelight.

This time is for my body, and my mind, which have been working so hard for me, to stop, to quieten, to rest. I’ll let the rain wash away anything that has been bothering me, or that is no longer serving me. I’ll allow myself to be cleansed, so I can rise, bright and fresh, with the sun tomorrow.

This is nurturing, honouring and loving at it’s best.

What can you do today to nurture, honour and love your body?

You Know What You Need


So often, when faced with a challenging situation, we respond with I don’t know. Stop it! This is such a cop out, and is utterly untrue, in any situation.

 In every single moment, you know exactly what you need to move forward.

 When you I don’t know, you are hiding. You are avoiding what you know to be true. Acknowledging means you have to act, and acting means you have to get out of your comfort zone ~ maybe have an awkward conversation, maybe say no to something you previously said yes to, maybe you have to start over ~ and that scares you, so you hide.

 However, in your hiding, you sign yourself up for greater discomfort. You are saying Yes, I’m happy to sit here in limbo; to give up my power, my freedom of choice, and to hand control over to someone else. I’m happy to wait.

 When you say I don’t know you shut down your knowing. In effect, you are rejecting yourself; rejecting what you want, rejecting what you need and rejecting who you are.

You always know what you need, you’ve just forgotten how to listen.

 Throughout your life, you have had your knowing taught out of you. You were taught to distrust your feelings, and to place the utmost importance on what you think.

 Figure it out ~ Think about it ~ Make sense of this ~ Mull it over

 These all ask you to make sense of something; to logically understand and explain, and to do the right thing.

 Every second, you are bombarded with millions of different pieces of information. It’s overwhelming! How can you possibly make sense of all that information and figure out what’s right for you, when so much of what you hear conflicts with what you’ve heard before? My brain hurts even thinking about it!

 The problem is, what is right for you ~ what you need ~ doesn’t always make sense. In fact, it’s usually the opposite of what makes sense. There’s rarely anything logical about it.

 Rather than fighting ~ rather than needing to make sense ~ what if you could just go with it? What if you allowed yourself to know exactly what you need, and then acted on it?

 But Brooke! I truly don’t know what I need! I hear you, and I’m calling BS, and I want you to call it also. Stop hiding. You do know.

 Think about your options, or your situation, and pay attention to how you feel. Which outcome makes you feel expansive? Which shuts you down? What energises you? What drains you?

Don’t get caught in the details here. You don’t need to figure that out, you just need to know what you want. Let go of the How. (Need help with this? Read this)

 If you let yourself know, what would that look like?

 Own what you know to be true for you. Let go of the need for your choice to make sense, or to do the right thing by someone else. Don’t do what you should do, do what you want to do. Focus less on how your decision affects someone else, and ask; How does this affect me, and my life?

What is right for you is right for everyone else

…..even if they don’t see it yet and even if someone gets hurt in the process (obviously we’d love it if no-one was ever affected negatively by our choices, but in reality, that rarely happens. Treat everyone with love and respect, but don’t let others’ emotions affect your decision). Always be honest, first with yourself, and then by sharing that with those around you, even if it stings a little now. They’ll thank you in the long run.

 I don’t know is powerless. Stop it.

 You do know. Allow yourself to know. And then allow yourself to act.


  •  Where have you been I don’t know-ing yourself?
  • What have you been hiding from?
  • What are you going to do with that information now? 


Brooke xx

 PS; Still stuck on this? Want help? Get in touch. This is one of my specialties, and I’d love to help you know.


After an incredibly warm autumn, there’s no doubt that winter has well and truly arrived here in Sydney. With the cold winds and shorter days, you will have felt your energy change and draw inward over the past few weeks.

As I spoke about in this blog post, the season of winter is our nighttime.  This time of deep rest allows complete healing and rejuvenation, so we burst into spring whole, fresh, vibrant and full of life.

We step back, slow down, and start to embrace solidarity.
As we slow down, we become more aware; we notice things we haven’t previously, and we are more in tune with our emotions.

Use this time, and the cover of winter darkness, as an opportunity to connect deeply and to explore your inner world. Start to strengthen your connection to your intuition; the innate wisdom that is present in all of us, the wisdom we have been taught to ignore. What do we most need to move forward in our lives? Are we living on purpose, and if not, what can we do to start aligning ourselves?

Can you find 10 minutes every day to commit to a meditation practise? Maybe 5 minutes in the morning, and 5 minutes again at night? Sit still, breathe deeply, and just feel what’s going on inside you. Can you feel your heart beating in your chest? Can you feel your blood flowing through your veins? Leant to just ‘be’. No objective, no outcome, no agenda, just be still and focus on your body and your breath.

If you’re new to mediation, you might find this really challenging (I definitely did!), however there are thousands of mediation tracks and tools you can download to help you. I personally love this one from Deepak Chopra, as you can personalise your experience. No excuses now, little one!

If you haven’t already, begin your daily journaling practice, and use this as a way to ‘check in’ with whatever is going on for you. If you – like me a few years ago – own lots of beautiful journals but haven’t found it in yourself to actually write something in them, use the following questions as a guide;

  • What is the biggest thing on my mind right now?
  • What do I need to do about that?
  • How did I feel today and why?
  • What are these feelings here to teach me?
  • What were my thoughts today?
  • Where am I not loving myself?
  • Where am I loving myself?
  • What does my most vulnerable part need right now?
  • What 3 things am I most grateful for today?

Set yourself a goal of 3-5 pages per day and keep going until you’ve filled them up. You might find it a little challenging at first, but stick with it, and the words will soon start to flow.

Winter is also a fantastic time to do, or re-do, your vision board. Grab a group of friends, a stack of magazines, scissors, cardboard and glue, and start cutting! Collect images of all the things you want for yourself and your life for the next 6-12 months, make a beautiful collage and hang it up where you can see it everyday.

Our exercise program will inevitably slow down now; but it’s important to not become lazy. Find fun, gentle ways to move your body everyday; hot yoga is awesome at this time of year, or grab a jacket, a girlfriend and get out for a walk.

Include plenty of soups, stews, roasts and curries, as our bodies crave the warmth and nourishment these foods bring. I currently have lamb shanks cooking away in my slow cooker, cannot wait for dinner!

The increased cold can lead us to overdo it on coffee as we crave that heat and caffeine buzz, however this only depletes our adrenals and leads to fatigue, anxiety and exhaustion. Instead sip on hot ginger and lemon tea, or indulge in a decadent hot chocolate made with real cacao, maca, mixed spice and maple syrup. I like to add some fresh or dried chili for an extra kick!

Many people tend to use the cold as an excuse to overeat, so be aware of this desire and tendency. When you feel that, before you throw something in your mouth, ask yourself;

“What am I really hungry for?”

You might find you are craving warmth, love, connection or affection rather than actual food.  If that’s the case, acknowledge it and find a way to give that to yourself, rather than stuffing it down with food or drink.

Taking the time to slow down and turn inwards now will set you up for an amazing spring and summer. Give that gift to yourself.

Happy snuggling!

I will not ‘Should’ on myself today

If there was one word I could ban from the English language, it would be the word “should”.

“Why? What’s wrong with should?” I hear you ask.

Well, “should” is a shaming word. When we use it, we are saying we are wrong, that we are at fault. We are criticising and blaming ourselves for doing, or not doing the thing we are talking about. We make ourselves “bad”, or “less than enough”. By doing so, we commit to keeping ourselves stuck in the shame-pool, in the space of “not good enough”. We hand over our power, our energy, our sense of responsibility.

More often than not, when we get clear on our “shoulds”, we see they are things that we have been told by other people to take on. Most of the time, they aren’t even things that we care about, and yet we are expending a huge amount of energy shaming ourselves around that particular thing, or trying to force something that’s just not important to us.

How often have you said any of the following;

“I should exercise more”
“I should eat better”
“I should spend more time with my family”
“I should have more savings by now”
“I should have had children by now”
“I should go to bed earlier”
“I should care more/care less”
“I should do that thing, or this thing”
….and so on and so on…

Go through this list, and say the ones out loud that apply to you. How does that make you feel? Pretty yucky, right?

 So what do we do instead?

We simply replace it with a better word. A word that gives us an option. A word that gives us the power to choose if it’s something that’s actually important to us, and whether or not we want to do it.

Take out a piece of paper, and at the top write “I Should” and then finish this sentence as many different ways as you can (aim for at least 5)

Once completed, look back over your list and for each point ask yourself “Why? Why should I do that? Is this something that is actually important to me?”

For all the ones that aren’t, you can just go ahead and cross them straight off your list and forget about them. Yay!

Then, for all your remaining ones, re-write your list, replacing the word “should” with the word “could”. Read these out loud, one by one. Notice how that feels within you. Notice how it gives you back your power; it gives you a choice. Notice how it opens you up.  Feel the freedom that comes from that choice, and go and do whatever it is that makes you lights you up.

Every morning, look in the mirror and repeat after me; “I will not should on myself today” and don’t. Easy.

You’re welcome

Hello 2014

Year Ahead - PNG 2014 is a new year.

  That means you have twelve glorious new months to create WHATEVER you want. Take the lessons from 2013 and start your new year on the front foot, knowing EXACTLY where you want to go and who you want to be.

Through this one day workshop, you’ll give closure to 2013, releasing yourself from anything you need to leave behind and opening yourself up to all the fabulous, new possibilities of 2014. You’ll gain clarity on what you want to achieve this new year, and will leave with a step by step plan of attack, knowing exactly how to get yourself there, with minimal fuss and loads of fun!

This workshop will be held in Sydney in January 2014 – full details to follow shortly!

I am now taking requests for one on one coaching clients for 2014. If you’re ready to stop with the excuses and start living the life you know you deserve, contact me for an obligation-free chat to see how I can help you.

3 Days To Go!

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Just a quick reminder, you only have 3 more days to register to take advantage of the early bird bonuses, so jump to it….

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In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take