Less Haste, More Speed

I’m currently in the middle of an incredible online business course, which is so much fun, and definitely the best investment I’ve made in myself and my business so far.
(It’s only offered once a year, so I will be posting details of it once it becomes available for 2015. This course is a MUST for anyone who runs, or wants to run their own business, and take it to the next level. Sign up for my newsletter to make sure you are kept in the loop!)

Even though I love the content and have learnt so much already, I was finding myself getting overwhelmed. I mean, there’s so much work! There’s new modules released every week, chock block full of videos, worksheets, tasks and readings to get through….and I wasn’t getting through it.

I would read other people’s comments in the forums and comparison would strike.

I’m not up to that module yet. I haven’t completed that task yet. I haven’t even started that task! I don’t have enough time. I can’t keep up. Who are these people?!?”

This comparison and anxiety kept me from being productive. I’d worry about, and beat myself up for, falling behind rather than doing any actual work.

Here I was, doing this amazing course to enrich and enhance my business, and I was trying to do it on someone else’s schedule; on some made up idea of what it “should” look like.
I have no idea who these other people in the course are. I don’t know where they live, what their daily lives are like, if they are currently working or not, what support they have, what other things they have going on right now.

I know nothing about them and here I was comparing myself to them….
and falling short.

Then my intuition spoke up.

I’m doing this course for me, my life and my business. I need to do it in a way that supports me, that suits me. It doesn’t matter if I finish it in 8 weeks, or in 8 months. What matters is that it fits and that it works for me. That I enjoy the process so I am open to gaining the most out of it.

Revive your soul

So, I stopped.

Instead of spending my whole weekend locked away working furiously to catch up, I went out, and spent 2 beautiful, full days with people who love me, and whom I love. I got out of my office, and into nature. I connected, had fun, relaxed. I stopped forcing myself, and allowed myself to just be, and enjoy my life.

By taking the pressure off myself, by slowing down and stepping back, I opened myself up to receive incredible insight and inspiration. Solutions to those tasks I had been stuck on, came to me easily. I saw what my next steps would be. Awesome ideas for new projects and offerings for my clients came to me effortlessly.

No thinking, forcing or hard work required.

 So, the next time you find yourself trying too hard, hitting your head against a wall because you “just can’t figure it out”, stop. Breathe. Go do something fun. Go do the exact opposite of what you are meant to be doing. And see what happens. You just might find the answer, or inspiration you were looking for.

 Less haste my dear, and more (easy, effortless, flowing) speed xx

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