Less Thinking, More Feeling

It’s safe for me to let go.  

 Whoa, that had been a long time coming.

 Recently I released a relationship I’d been hanging onto long after I knew it was time to let go.
I fought and fought myself for so long, trying to explain what had happened, trying to find a reason how things could change so suddenly. Hoping that the other person would make the decision I was avoiding. Hanging on to the idea of what could have been.

Being the intelligent, logical person I am, I thought and thought about it. I tried to analyze, explain and understand this situation.  And I went around and around in circles getting more and more frustrated, annoyed and unhappy.

Finally, thankfully, my soul said “ENOUGH!” and I saw, or rather, felt, so very clearly what I had been avoiding. I felt it, acknowledged it and voiced it. I asked for what I needed and in that moment I released myself to move forward, to grow and to learn. Even more beautifully, I released the other person to do the same.

EXHALE. And then peace. I am safe. I am enough.

 The thing is, I KNEW all along what I wanted and needed to do. That’s why I was so unhappy, why I struggled. I made it hard for myself because I was ignoring my soul’s call to step up and into a bigger version of myself.

I was ignoring my truth, therefore inviting criticism, helplessness and frustration in.

I tried to THINK my way through this situation, when I actually needed to FEEL my way through it. The whole way, my body was telling me what I needed to do. It would literally close up and shut down when I was around this person.

How many times in our days, in our lives, do we ignore those quiet callings of our soul? How often do we tell ourselves what we want and need, instead of asking ourselves and listening, really listening, for the answer?

So often we say, “I just want someone to tell me what to do” not realizing at that exact moment our soul is saying “I am telling you. I just need you to listen”

Our intuition is our best guide, our best coach.

 We know everything we need to know to move forward, in any situation. We just need to tune in. To listen. To breathe. My dear friend, Lani, puts it so beautifully;

“We just need to shut up so we can hear what it is we are meant to do”

 So next time I am fighting myself, forcing something, or being someone I don’t want to be, I’m going to shut up. And breathe, and feel my way through. I’ll listen to what I know, (not what I think) and I’ll act on that. And it will be easy.

Less thinking. More feeling xx


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