May Madness!

…..well, nearly….

I had so much fun working with new clients from my March promotion. So many people jumped at the chance to make a positive change for themselves that I’m only just wrapping up all the sessions now.
It’s been so beautiful to witness the clarity, motivation and results that have come from these sessions, that I want to continue the love!

Introducing Pay-What-You-Can-Coaching!

I know that not everyone can afford to pay for coaching, or maybe you’re just not sure how coaching will benefit you and you don’t want to make that commitment just yet. So instead, you nominate what you want to pay for your coaching. How cool is that?

Want in?

Send an email to with “I Want In!” in the subject line, and I’ll send you an application form. Fill in all your details and answer every question, ensuring you include how much you want to pay for your session. (My usual fee for a one off 60 minute coaching session is $325)
If you are located outside of Sydney, please include your location so I can confirm available times.

Application forms are due by 6pm Monday 5th May.

I will then go through the applications and those who are successful will be contacted by 6pm Wednesday 7th May (unfortunately I can’t work with everyone!).

This decision will not be based on how much you are willing to pay, rather on how committed you are to participate fully, and therefore see results, so please give as much detail as possible in your application form!

I cannot wait to work with you! Good luck 🙂

 Available for a limited time and a limited number of spaces.
Offer is for new clients only.

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