My Best Meal Tip For Health, Weight Loss, Energy and Vitality

I know you are either on your journey to being the healthiest, leanest, sexiest version of yourself, or you are wanting to start your health and weight loss journey.

You read up on the best ways to eat and to move your body for weight loss and you implement what you learn. You drink 2L of water every day, you eat your veggies and avoid (as much as possible) junk food, and foods you’ve been told are detrimental to your weight loss and health goals.

And this gets you so far. You initially notice a difference in how you feel, maybe you have a little more energy, and you lose a little weight.

But inevitably, you get to a point where all this information about what to eat, and how to move your body seems to stop working. And you don’t understand what went wrong, so you go looking for the next expert to tell you all about the “next big thing”, and so the cycle starts, and so it continues.

Mainstream health and weight loss information focuses so much on what we should be eating, but the fact that we know this, and we follow this, and we still have issues losing, or maintaining weight, shows us that there is something missing.

I was recently interviewed and asked the question “What is your best meal choice tip?”, and I think my answer might surprise you. I believe, it is one of the missing pieces in weight loss and health knowledge, and I wanted to share it with you, because it is so easy, doesn’t cost anything, and will have a dramatic positive effect on your digestion, your metabolism, your weight, your energy and your vitality. But, there’s a catch – you have to bother to actually do it!

Check out my answer in the video below, and then let me know how you go with implementing this into your journey.

Happy eating!

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