Oh No, What Have I Done?

I woke up yesterday with a little knot in the bottom of my belly, and one thought running through my head ~

 F**k, what have I done?

 You’ve been there right? You know that feeling ~ It comes on right after you make some sort of big statement, commit to something, or lock in something that’s a stretch for the person you are now.

In the past, this feeling, this thought, would stop me dead in my tracks, causing me to back pedal like a cartoon character. I’d do whatever I could to get myself out of whatever it was I’d recklessly committed myself to. Seriously, how could I have been so stupid to think that I’d be capable of that? You smoking crack girl??

I would be paralysed by the fear of being seen, of failing, of something unknown.

So I’d shrink, rushing straight back inside the safety of my comfort zone, where I could stay small, unseen, unchallenged.

Now I know this feeling is the exact feeling I want for my life.

This feeling lets me know that whatever I’ve committed to ~ whatever crazy idea I’ve come up with ~ is the thing that’s going to help me to grow. I feel this because it’s outside of my comfort zone ~ there are things I’m going to have to learn and implement to make this possible and I’m going to have to get to work to make it happen. I’m going to have to challenge things I previously believed. I’ll butt up against the myriad ways I limit myself, and I’ll have to find ways to release those shackles. I’ll have to do things that feel awkward for me. It’ll be a huge stretch for me, but if I weren’t capable of it, I wouldn’t have had the idea in the first place.

I first learned about this concept through one of my first coaches, and now dear friend, Peter Shaw. His life and business philosophy is “If it’s scary and exciting, do it”.


If something is just scary, there’s probably a great reason why you shouldn’t do that thing. It’s your intuition, the universe, or God, telling you Hey! Stay away! Your life is in danger in some way if you continue down this path.

If something is just exciting, by all means feel free to do it, but just know that it is inside your comfort zone. It’s easy for you, and therefore you don’t have to grow in order to do it.

However, when you come up with that beautiful blend of scary and exciting, you have found something that will take you closer to the person you want to become. Pursuing it will cause you to grow in ways you don’t even know are possible, and it will be the catalyst for great change in your life. It takes courage to adopt and live by the Scary and Exciting philosophy, but it is so worth it.

So now, rather than that feeling turning me around and shoving back inside my box, I allow it to motivate me and nudge me forward ~ into discomfort, learning and growth. Into freedom.

  • What are 3 things that are scary and exciting for you?
  • Which one will you commit to now, and see how it plays out?

Want to know what the decision was that prompted my latest Scary and Exciting feeling? Keep your eyes peeled next week for all the juicy goss. It’s so exciting. And so scary. And is going to be so fun. And I’m going to need your help to pull it off! And I wonder how many more times I can start another sentence with and. And I’m stopping now.

Is the scary of your scary and exciting just too big for you? Unsure of how to move with that fear? Get in touch, I love helping people move through fear to bring dreams into reality. Or contact Peter Shaw. He’s the king of Scary and Exciting. 


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