Overcome Overeating

I recently moved up to Queensland and have been busy settling in, making new friends and creating a new life for myself here, which involves surfing as much as possible!

I love it up here, and whilst it’s not been without it’s challenges (seriously, moving interstate, where I knew no-one or nothing about the area, 1 week before Christmas and right after a break up?? Not the easiest of transitions!!) it’s been a beautiful opportunity for me to practice everything I teach. A few years ago, this situation would have had me locked away, depressed, lonely and emotionally eating to numb out or absolutely smashing myself in the gym to avoid feeling my feelings.

Those feelings still showed up, and that old instinct to do those avoidance behaviours were triggered, but I was able to recognise them, show them some compassion and then set about taking care of myself in the ways I was really craving.

For me, this looked like getting out of the house and into nature, moving my body lovingly every day, surfing as much as possible, getting in the ocean every day, daily qi-gong and meditation, clearing my chakras and my energy field, joining Meetup groups in my area, going to their events and connecting with people I was drawn to, saying yes to any social invitations (and going!), being open and receptive to meeting people when I’m out and about, nourishing myself with awesome food and enough sleep, asking for introductions to friends of friends who live in the area, and reaching out and asking for support from loved ones around the country when I felt really challenged or helpless.

Let me be clear – this took work. It would have been so much easier to stay at home, binge watching TV and binge eating whatever I could get my hands on. But we know where that path ends, and it isn’t pretty.

I wanted a new life, and the only way that was going to happen was if I made it happen. No one was going to do it for me. There was never going to be a “right-time”. It was never going to be without effort. This was a huge growth opportunity for me, and I was going to have to stretch.

And you know what? Within 1 month, I have a awesome group of friends with similar interests and values, who are so much fun to be around, I’m dating and meeting gorgeous men, my surfing is getting better, AND I have 5 blocks of chocolate in my fridge, that I haven’t touched since before I moved up here (this still spins me out, as only a few years ago, if there was chocolate in the house, I was eating ALL of it. In one go)

With the right steps in place, and the willingness to stretch, you can turn around any challenging situation so that you are empowered, supported and in control, rather than powerless and numbing out with food. Now, I’m not saying it’s easy, because it does take consistent work, but it IS simple.

And I have something for you that just might help

I’ve recently released a free taster program, OVERCOME OVEREATING, where you’ll learn 3 key reasons why we overeat, and what you need to do to overcome them.

It’s simple, it’s basic, and can serve as a great reminder of what to focus on, rather than punishing yourself with some crazy restrictive diet. Not only that, the strategies presented are powerful…..but you have to implement them consistently for them to work!

To grab you copy of OVERCOME OVEREATING, simply enter your details below and it’ll be sent straight out to you.

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Which Wolf Will You Feed?

There is a Cherokee story that tells:
One evening, an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside of people. He said “My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth.”

The boy thought about it, and asked, “Grandfather, which one wins?”

The old man quietly replied, “The one you feed.”

It’s so easy to feed the evil wolf; to get stuck in our story about why things are the way they are, why we’ll never be good enough to have the things we want. It’s easy to point the finger and blame people and things, and to resent others for their success; to feel jealous of their good fortune. It’s easy to stay stuck in our anger, and our stories around all the ways we were hard done by. It’s easy to criticise ourselves; to put ourselves down, to tell ourselves why we don’t deserve the things we want, to be mean to ourselves.

It’s easy because we are taught from a young age to feed this wolf. We’re SO experienced at feeding this wolf, that it’s now a habit, it’s unconscious, we easily slip into these old ways and patterns of behaviour, and a lot of the time, we don’t even realise we’re doing it!

It’s easy to feed that wolf, but living that life is anything BUT easy. It’s hard – REALLY hard. We keep ourselves isolated and disconnected. We keep ourselves small, and give away our power. We play victim. We never get to have the things we want, or if we do, we never fully enjoy them. Resentment, powerlessness, anger, lies, greed, inferiority all create tension in the body which block the flow of our life force energy. Over time, this block creates injury, illness, disease, and weight gain.

It takes courage to come from love; to be grateful and appreciative for all that we have, to trust that everything will work out for us, to know that we too can change our life and create that which our hearts most desire. Forgiveness takes courage. Loving ourselves takes courage; treating ourselves with respect, being kind to ourselves, appreciating all the things our body does for us on a daily basis – are all hard to do when you live in a world that tells you you are not enough or worthy of any of that until you look a certain way. It takes strength and courage to feed this wolf, to live this life – Do you think it’s worth it?

The wolf you feed is the wolf who wins.

Your Body Doesn’t Want Exercise


We’re told it’s good for us. We’re told which exercise is the best for calorie burning, weight loss, building muscle…..you name it, there’s an exercise that’s best for it.

We’re told how often we should exercise, and for how long, and at what intensity.

And so, like good little girls that we are, we say “Ok, so if I want to lose weight, I have to exercise at these times, for this long, and doing this type of exercise”. We’re committed, we want that result, so we suck it up and get on with it.


We HATE that particular type of exercise, and that time of day doesn’t work for us, and today my body is tired and sore and doesn’t actually want to be smashed in an exercise session.

But we persist anyway.

Sound familiar?

There is another way, you know……


What If You Were Enough?

Enough (1)

One of the common threads I see in all the women I work with (and, in fact, in nearly all the women I come into contact with in general) is the underlying belief that they are “not good enough”.

This nasty little core belief can have far reaching consequences in all areas of their life; it fires off when they are getting near their goal weight and causes them to binge eat, not exercise, or make some other decision that will stall, or reverse the results they’ve achieved so far.

It speaks up when their relationship is going “too well” with an amazing man and makes them pick fights, shut down, withhold sex, or do something even more drastic to create a breakdown in the relationship, such as sleeping with someone else.

When their career, or business, is going amazingly they make some silly decisions that impact great opportunities; maybe they fail to prepare for an important meeting or interview, and consequently blow it, or they become lazy and fail to take action when necessary.

When we come from a place of “not enough” we are going to display self sabotaging behaviours.

We don’t back ourselves. We don’t ask for what we need. We doubt other’s intentions. We doubt our own abilities. We don’t go for the things we want. We live in fear and doubt and wear ourselves out trying to prove ourselves.

It takes work to change your beliefs.

Your beliefs live in your unconscious mind, and so to successfully and permanently change them, you need to do work on the unconscious level. For this, you generally need to work with someone trained in that area. But there is something you can do for yourself, starting right now.

What if you were enough?

Ask yourself, “What if I were enough? Who would I be then? How would I behave? What decisions would I make? How would my life be different?”

Dig deep and answer these questions from your heart – from that place inside of you that’s always known you are enough, even if you don’t seem to remember – and then start to act AS that person. Make decisions as that person who knows she’s enough. Be courageous. Speak up. Ask for what you want and go after it. Relentlessly.

You’ve got this.


Brooke xo

Flexitarian-ism….What The ?!?!


One of the BEST pieces of advice I’ve received around health and eating is to be a flexitarian – adopting this ideology has shifted so much for me, and completely transformed my relationship with food!

I used so be SUPER strict; following this diet, or that diet, and I hear this all the time from the women I work with – I’m paleo. I’m a raw foodie. I Zone. I’m vegan. I’m vegetarian. I don’t eat carbs. I don’t eat sugar.

There are so many different modalities available, and they all have their benefit, but what I see ALWAYS as the constant thread amongst all of these eating systems is that they ALL lead to binge eating in some form. Yes. ALL OF THEM.

When we rigidly adhere to any one ideal, we create stress in the body and the mind. We’re constantly telling ourselves “I can’t eat that. I’m not allowed to eat that” and this fuels our desire for that thing even more. We become obsessed, constantly consumed by thoughts of food and eating, until eventually we can’t take it anymore, we lose all control and the binge begins.

Another thing that happens when we strongly identify with one particular ideal; such as “I am vegan” or “I do paleo”, is that we become closed off and unable to see signs that our body is telling us about something we may be lacking, or something that may not be serving us.

If we’ve been strongly identified with being a vegan, we may miss our body’s cries for protein, and continue to lose muscle, not recover well from our exercise or get constantly sick.

If we call ourselves paleo eaters, we may miss the signs our body is struggling with higher quantities of fat and protein, or going without starches (such as if you are going to the bathroom, and your waste is super runny, smelly and it takes 3 flushes to clear the toilet bowl! This is NOT how it’s supposed to be people!!!)

Now, I’m not saying being vegan, or paleo, is bad; they both can provide incredible benefits BUT they may not be suitable for you, through various times and stages of your life.

Being a flexitarian means you follow what works for you in this moment, in this life stage, without rigidly identifying with that particular way of eating. It means being open to the messages your body is telling you every day, about what she needs, and responding accordingly. It means feeling in to what serves you best in the moment.

Feel like you need a vegetarian day, or week? Go for it. Feel like your body needs some meat? Fire up that barbie. Finding it hard to get in enough fuel, and your muscles aren’t recovering well? Cook up some rice and eat that with your meal. Feeling like you need something warm and substantial for breakfast in winter? Get yourself a big bowl of porridge and nourish yourself.

NONE of these make you a bad person. None will make you fat, ALL will nourish your body and give her what she needs to perform, and look, her best.

Life is meant to be enjoyed – FOOD is meant to be enjoyed. Release yourself from the shackles of rigidity around your food. Your body, and your soul will thank you for it. Promise.

Your Journey Must Match Your Destination

I know you’re on your journey towards the best version of you; healthy, vibrant, energetic, happy, calm, loving, accepting.

You’re working your little tush off to get yourself to the place where you can finally love and accept yourself. Where you can be happy to look in the mirror, or see photos of yourself. That place where you are that fun loving, social, adventurous woman, who says yes to life, yes to dating, yes to sex, to opportunities, to explorations. That woman who is not held back in any way, not by her body, not by her mind, not by her fear or uncertainty.

This is SO important to you! You put in so much time, effort and energy, pushing yourself, being strict with yourself and reprimanding yourself when you slip up.

You restrict yourself, deprive yourself, punish yourself. You have to be hard on yourself or you’ll never get there. That’s how you have to do this, right?



Find out why this journey can never get you where you want to go, and what you must do instead, by checking out my quick video below.

What can you change in your journey, starting today, so that it more closely resembles the destination you are aiming for?


Brooke xo

The Bliss Point

Have you ever wondered why, with certain foods, you find yourself powerless to stop eating them?

Have you beaten yourself up for lacking willpower and being weak, and not being strict enough?

Take a moment and consider the possibility that something else is going on here.

The very real possibility that your brain has been hijacked by the bliss point! 

Bliss point? What bliss point? Check out the video below to learn out all about it, and how it is causing you to overeat.

What will you do differently now that you are aware of this?