Raining Outside? Time to Turn in


I love cold, rainy days ~ they’re the perfect opportunity to slow down and turn inwards. To rest, reflect, reset.

Here in Sydney we are in the final days of autumn, and autumn itself is the season for slowing down (wanna know more? Pop on over here), but no matter what season you are in, a rainy day provides the perfect space to rest.

Life is busy. Life is fast. Life is constantly asking something ~ many things ~ of you. It’s not always easy to separate from that. But Mother Nature has your back. The sun cannot shine all the time (no matter how much we’d like it to), and neither can we.

So, now the rain is out, I’m turning in. Things that can be put off are put off. I’m reading. I’m writing. I’m drinking tea ~ lots and lots of tea. I’m running a bath, and I’ll soak by candlelight.

This time is for my body, and my mind, which have been working so hard for me, to stop, to quieten, to rest. I’ll let the rain wash away anything that has been bothering me, or that is no longer serving me. I’ll allow myself to be cleansed, so I can rise, bright and fresh, with the sun tomorrow.

This is nurturing, honouring and loving at it’s best.

What can you do today to nurture, honour and love your body?

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