True Pleasure Vs False Pleasure


Last week I spent the week with an amazing bunch of people, redoing my NLP practitioner course (and no, not because I failed the first time!) with one of my very first coaches, and now close friend, Peter Shaw. I’ve spoken about Peter before here, because I freaken love this guy! He gets me thinking about perspectives I’ve never even considered ~ never even knew were possible ~ and has consequently changed the way I view the world, myself, and the people around me, for the better (well, most of the time….)

A large portion of the course is looking at our beliefs, decisions and emotions and getting an understanding on how they limit us. So many of us are completely unaware that ALL our beliefs and decisions were simply a choice we made at some stage of our life, and yet we live as if they are fact. They govern how we feel, how we act, how we interact, how we love, how successful we are. They determine how we do everything. 

Even when a certain belief, or set of beliefs, does not serve or support us in living the life we want, we fight to hang on to it~ But this is just the way I am. What will I do without it? I can’t just let it go, I don’t know who I am without it ~

We get stuck in our comfort zone. Even though we aren’t happy, we know this place, and so it feels safe. That new space, on the other side, is unknown. That is scary. We must avoid it.

But it’s only when we can acknowledge and accept the uncertainty, that we can push outside our comfort zone, to the other side.

This is where change happens ~ where growth occurs and where your dreams and desires become reality.

This is your next step towards the life you’ve been longing for. Your next level. It’s incredibly exciting and inspiring and energising, but it takes your willingness to look at, and challenge, everything you thought was real up to now. You need to be willing to let go of those old ways (which make you feel trapped, constricted and like a failure anyway. Just saying…) to make way for the new, for the next thing. 

Are you game to start right now? 

Today, I want you to challenge your beliefs around the role of pleasure in your life, and specifically, in your health and weight loss efforts. 

You probably already know that pleasure is what gets you into trouble. Pleasure is the enemy, the thing to be avoided at all costs. It’s what makes you gain weight, become lazy, unmotivated, slovenly.

But what if what you know, is not actually true? What is there’s a different perspective here? What if what you’re thinking about is not actually pleasure, but punishment, disguised as pleasure? Or restriction fighting back?

Uh oh, mind blown. I know, right?!?!

You may not know this, but there are 2 types of pleasure; true, or real, pleasure and false pleasure.

True pleasure is something that feels good whilst your experiencing it, right after you’ve experienced it, and still feels good at any time into the future.

False pleasure is something you think feels good now, but feels kinda crappy immediately after ~ usually accompanied by guilt, criticism, shame and judgement ~ and feels yucky into the future too.

Eating that whole block of chocolate might feel good at the time, but it’s not long afterwards that you feel sick, and disgusted in yourself. Then, a few days later, when you think back to eating the whole block, again you feel badly about it.

Contrast that to eating a fresh, cold mango on a hot summers day. It feels so delicious at the time; the juice running down your chin, the sun shining on your face, the sweetness of the flesh as you savour it. Once you’ve finished eating it, you feel so good; energised, refreshed and happy. And as you go into your future, any time you think back to that event, you feel the deliciousness of the experience all over again. That is true pleasure.

To give you a non-food example, think about having deeply connected, sensual, playful sex with someone you care for, who loves and respects you and your body. Amazing at the time, amazing right after you finish, and even more amazing when you think about it later (as I write this, I’m reminded of a certain sexual experience, and it still makes me feel excited and turned on just thinking about it, even years later!). Serious true pleasure here.

Now, compare that with sleeping with someone you know is not good for you, who feels untrustworthy and like he’s just in it for himself. Even if you orgasm, you feel pretty yucky about it afterwards, and berate yourself for going there (again!) when you know he leaves you feeling like shit. 

True pleasure fills you up

As you begin, or continue, your journey into pleasure, you want to call in all those true pleasures in your life, as often as possible. True pleasures won’t you into trouble. These won’t cause you to gain weight, and become lazy or unmotivated.

True pleasures fill you up. They make your life sweet, worth living, and worth enjoying. They will take away your need to binge, and punish yourself through food and drink (and drugs, and sex, and anything else done excessively)

True pleasure is the path to the live you desire. Are you ready to allow it in?

  • What is the most pleasurable thing you’ve eaten today?
  • What have you been thinking is pleasure, but was actually punishment in disguise? 


Brooke xox

Does this all seem too scary, or too unlikely, to work for you?

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