Valentines Day


Whether you subscribe to it or not, Valentines Day often leaves many women (and no doubt men too) feeling rather shit about themselves.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of criticising yourself and blaming the way you look for not having someone who loves you, or for not being “lovable”. This is kind of funny, actually, as this day that is about love, has many women feeling nothing but hatred, shame, criticism, judgement, doubt and fear towards themselves and towards their bodies.

Except if that’s you. Then it’s not funny, but rather painful, lonely and isolating.

We have been taught to relate our self worth, and our value as a human, and as a woman, to how we look. If we look good, if our bodies are “perfect”, then we are worthy, and deserving of love, happiness, joy, success and all the good things. If we are less than perfect, if our thighs jiggle, and our bellies wiggle, if we have stretch marks or cellulite (or heaven forbid, both!) then we are unworthy, undeserving and unlovable. I mean, really, who is going to love you with all those imperfections and lumps and bumps?

And so, you ramp up that life sucking spiral of restriction, deprivation, punishment and hard work, making an unconscious pact with yourself to hate yourself and basically be the worlds biggest bitch to yourself, until you are perfect. Until you lose that extra weight. Until you get rid of your cellulite. Until you look like Giselle, or Beyonce, or whomever that is for you. (For me, it was Pink, and man did I give her a run for her money! But you know what? After years of busting my butt and achieving an awesome body, I still hated the way I looked and I was still single! WTF?!? Clearly there was something missing in this equation.)

This reasoning – trying to perfect the outside, so we feel good on the inside – is so flawed and so outdated!

It’s not a matter of HAVING an awesome body, so we can DO all the things we’ve been putting off, and we can BE lovable, attractive, happy, successful, fun, social, adventurous.

It’s about learning to love the here and now, whatever you look like, however much you weigh and however much you ate at lunch.

It’s learning to BE the type of person who is lovable (by loving yourself, by showing yourself compassion, by being kind to yourself, by having fun with yourself, by putting your needs, your desires and your health first. You can only be loved by others to the extent you can love yourself), and DOING the things that will support your desire for a healthy, vibrant, juicy life (eating the right foods for you, having daily practices of honouring and appreciating your body, connecting to something bigger than you, connecting with the earth, moving your body in ways that feel good, taking yourself on fun adventures with beautiful friends, getting your gorgeous butt out of your lounge room and out into the world).

When you can consistently piece these two together, you have set the stage for you to HAVE those things you want – the sexy body, the vibrant health, the abundant energy, the delicious man, the amazing sex, the awesome friendships and the fun, full social life…and all the rest of it!

It’s not easy to just shift this perspective; to just decide to wake up tomorrow and think “How I look doesn’t define me as a person” when that’s the only thing you’ve been defining yourself by for so long, but it IS possible (and woman! Is it worth it!). I know, I did it, and it took lots of work, lots of help, support, guidance, nurturing, love, patience and the RIGHT information. (The good news here is; I’ve done all the leg work for you!)

If this resonates with you – if you are stuck in that space of fighting your body and trying to hate her into submission – I want you to know there is a better way, a much easier and a much more enjoyable way.

For the remainder of this week, I am opening up my calendar to connect with YOU! I want to hear about where you are in your journey, what your struggle has been, and I want to shed light on why things have been that way for you. In our time together, we’ll get to what is underneath this never-ending cycle you’ve been stuck in, and I’ll give you some tools you can start using right away to begin to turn your body story around. Call it my Valentines gift to you.

I only have a limited number of spots available, so if you are ready to finally be free of all your old body BS, please either comment below, or email me at and I’ll get you booked in.

I believe that switched on, embodied and fully expressed women will change the world, but you cannot make the impact you want to make (however “big” or “small” that is), whilst your time and energy is caught up in hating your body, and in your food and weight issues.

You are meant for more than that.

If you are ready to finally be free, please get in contact so we can make that happen

..…and just as a side note, I love you more with your lumps and bumps and imperfections. Especially when you love them for yourself first

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