What If?


If I invited you, for just one day, to let your body tell you what she wants and needs, and you just gave her that ~ no questions asked, no concept of right and wrong, no good or bad ~ would you be able to do that?

Whatever she wanted to eat, or drink, you gave her that, forgetting what you’ve been told is good or bad. However she wanted to move, you moved her in that way, whether it was in your current exercise plan or not. And if she didn’t want to move, you allowed her to rest. Whatever she wanted to do with her time, whoever she wanted to hang out with, you let her, not being constrained by what you think you ‘should’ do, or what you’d previously agreed to.

Does that feel exciting, fun and natural to you, or does that bring up a whole bunch of fear and doubt?

Do you fear that without restrictions, rules and boundaries, you would go crazy and out of control? That you’d binge on junk food and become a lazy-ass slob? That you’d derail all the hard-work you’ve been doing to lose weight and be healthy, and it’d be a slippery slope from which you’d never recover?

When did you learn to distrust your body so intensely? To feel that she is an enemy, who would sabotage you at every opportunity? What makes you think you know your body’s needs better than she does?

Maybe the problem is not that your body can’t be trusted.

Maybe the problem is in your lack of trust of her; the constant demands you place on her, the way you push her and force her and punish her. Maybe the problem is in the way you starve her of any pleasure, and joy, and fun.

How is that working out for you, by the way?

Have you felt happy, or comfortable in your body lately? Can you look at her, naked in the mirror, and honestly feel love, acceptance and gratitude for her? Or do you criticise and judge her, focusing on all the bits of her you want to change? Or do you just flat out refuse to look at her, naked, because you are so disgusted and disappointed by her?

What if, for just one day, you let her call the shots? And then what if you got up the next day and did the same? And again the next day? Would your world crumble and burn and you’d lose everything? Or would something beautiful be born?

Dare you to give it a go


Brooke xox

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