What If You Were Enough?

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One of the common threads I see in all the women I work with (and, in fact, in nearly all the women I come into contact with in general) is the underlying belief that they are “not good enough”.

This nasty little core belief can have far reaching consequences in all areas of their life; it fires off when they are getting near their goal weight and causes them to binge eat, not exercise, or make some other decision that will stall, or reverse the results they’ve achieved so far.

It speaks up when their relationship is going “too well” with an amazing man and makes them pick fights, shut down, withhold sex, or do something even more drastic to create a breakdown in the relationship, such as sleeping with someone else.

When their career, or business, is going amazingly they make some silly decisions that impact great opportunities; maybe they fail to prepare for an important meeting or interview, and consequently blow it, or they become lazy and fail to take action when necessary.

When we come from a place of “not enough” we are going to display self sabotaging behaviours.

We don’t back ourselves. We don’t ask for what we need. We doubt other’s intentions. We doubt our own abilities. We don’t go for the things we want. We live in fear and doubt and wear ourselves out trying to prove ourselves.

It takes work to change your beliefs.

Your beliefs live in your unconscious mind, and so to successfully and permanently change them, you need to do work on the unconscious level. For this, you generally need to work with someone trained in that area. But there is something you can do for yourself, starting right now.

What if you were enough?

Ask yourself, “What if I were enough? Who would I be then? How would I behave? What decisions would I make? How would my life be different?”

Dig deep and answer these questions from your heart – from that place inside of you that’s always known you are enough, even if you don’t seem to remember – and then start to act AS that person. Make decisions as that person who knows she’s enough. Be courageous. Speak up. Ask for what you want and go after it. Relentlessly.

You’ve got this.


Brooke xo

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