When Everything Changes, Change Everything

I have had a lot of change lately; my work, my business, my relationships, my food, my training, my values, my identity.

It seems like every day I wake up and something else changes, and I find myself resisting, trying to stop the change and control it, make it do what I want it to do and when I want it to do that.

Life is funny like that. I’ve been specifically asking for these changes. I’ve been yearning for the space and time to sink into the things that are really important, to explore these long forgotten aspects of myself. I’ve been looking at ways to cut back on the things that take me away from those things, but just not feeling quite “ready” to do something about that. I’ve taken little steps, but I still want to hang on to what I know. I’m still afraid of the unknown.

And so the universe says to me “Yes Brooke (as it always does), of course you must have this” and things change.

But then I get hung up on the fact that it’s not HOW I wanted the change to happen, that someone else is forcing the change (purely because I wasn’t).
I freak out “But I’m not ready yet! That’s not how this is supposed to go. I thought it would’ve looked different from this!”

And all the while, the same saying keeps coming back to me;

“When everything changes, change everything”

So often we experience change, which is what is required for us to move forward, and we resist. We were unhappy the way we were before, yet we fight and struggle to keep things the same.

What if we just changed everything? What if we used it as an opportunity to start again, start anew? To breathe some freshness and life back into our tired, stale existence? What if we let go of the junk and invited in more joy, more opportunities for connection, inspiration, love? What would be different? What would be possible?

This is exactly what I asked for. The outcome is the same.  And if the outcome is what I wanted, why does it matter how I got there?

And of course I am ready! If I weren’t, this opportunity would’ve have presented itself. I could sit here and find fault, excuse and reason with how un-ready I am, how not {good, smart, rich, pretty, savvy, blah, blah, blah} enough to do it.  I could resist and complain about how I wanted it to be different.


I could be grateful for this opportunity, realising this is all part of a much bigger picture which I am nowhere near understanding yet (nor do I have to), and use this new space wisely, doing those things that light me up, that make me feel expansive and inspired. I could say, “I’m scared, but kinda excited” and just go for it. I could take action every day in the pursuit of my dreams. I could use the space to slow down and connect, to ask myself “What do I want and need today?” and then actually do that. My time. My agenda. My life.

That’s exactly what I’ll do. And that feels awesome.

So now, what about you?

Are you getting hung up on HOW something is happening rather than what the outcome will be?
Are you resisting because it looks different from your expectations?
Can you drop that expectation and focus on the outcome?

Stop. Surrender. Get clear on what it is YOU want. Be grateful for the opportunity that has presented itself. Use this beautiful gift to do what it is you want to do.

 You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. You just need to move.



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